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Banda, Rwanda

Located on property donated by members of the village of Banda, Rwanda, this modern collection of community buildings address the concerns of the villagers as conveyed to the relief organization, Kageno. Given the site, it was necessary for the architecture to both produce its own power and manage its own waste, but this project goes beyond architectural sustainability, incorporating social and cultural viability into its mission. A community center, library & office facility and kitchen anchor the site, with two branches reaching in a “V” with a health center & pharmacy serving 1000 people monthly, 4 classrooms serving 300 children, a visitor's center, and bungalows for visitors and permanent staff. Local materials such as brick, stucco, and corrugated metal roofs are the primary building components. The site planning and building forms are energized and modern, serving as a symbol of Kageno's message of a hopeful future.

site from a nearby hill