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This house, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, responds to its environment with sustainable design solutions. The home's upper volume shelters the interior from sun and harsh winds through overhangs and window placement while providing cross ventilation and lovely views of the site. The white roof membrane on the upper section's roof reflects the sun's heat, reducing the home's cooling needs and extending the roof's lifespan. This roof collects rainwater for non-potable and landscaping water use. The lower section of the home has a green roof planted with native species, reducing water runoff, providing additional insulation and reducing the house's "heat island effect". The interior temperature is moderated by a geothermal field to the north of the house, while helping limit energy use for hot water. Energy Star rated appliances and windows are used throughout the house as are locally manufactured furniture using reclaimed materials. Environmental Brochure featuring SPG's Leicester Residence.

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