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Perched high on dunes overlooking both the Atlantic Ocean and tidal wetlands, this 1899 house was fully renovated with a modern sensibility without diminishing the cottage's iconic image. Sliding panels, exposed for large openings and pocketed for small ones, were added to protect the house during the harsh coastal winters. A new 3rd floor veranda provides a low roofline, sheltering from ocean storms. A new 2-story corner window captures idyllic views of ponds and rolling dunes. During construction, severe storms eroded the dune ±40 feet, the first significant loss in 20 years. Coming to within 28 feet of the front porch, the bluff now threatened the building, requiring a move to the back of site. As a result, the house's position & views changed but, with careful attention to choosing the new location, they have not been compromised.

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