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SPG Architects is committed to employing material and energy resources to their maximum end use and efficiency in order to limit the impact of our built work on the environment. Alternative energy sources including geo-thermal systems for domestic hot water and interior heating and cooling, solar energy, and hydro-power have all been employed by SPG Architects in lieu of petro-chemical fossil fuels. These alternative energy sources, used in combination with Low-E glass, the exploitation of daylight and natural ventilation, and the responsible use of building insulation greatly reduce the carbon footprint of our built work. Efficient use of materials and recycling of demolished and un-used building materials serves to limit landfill use. In addition, the use of fritted exterior glass and green roofs protect birds in flight and diminish heat gains and micro-climates created by the built environment. Healthy spaces are also a priority, and SPG specifices natural materials and finishes to create hypoallergenic and low-VOC interiors.Together with the engaged interest of our clients and contractors, we are unwavering in our commitment to high standards of environmental consciousness. The company maintains affiliations with a variety of socially and environmentally responsible organizations, and Coty Sidnam sits on the board of the Wildlife Conservation Society. SPG Architects has two staff members that have received their LEED accreditation including principal, Eric Gartner, reflecting our commitment to energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive design.

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