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“I realize that every shade and tone inside and outside our new home reflects the actual natural environment of our area – the home is entirely a reflection of and in harmony with the environment. And it’s the accumulation of thousands of individual decisions and deliberations. It’s the most beautiful and relaxing home I’ve ever seen in my life – a true living sanctuary.”

“The apartment is wonderful, and I can’t thank you enough for all you did for us. It couldn’t possibly come out better!”

“After three years, the beauty of the house, the quality of its construction, and its suitability for me have deteriorated not one iota.”

“I would retain SPG [and Eric] again in a heartbeat and recommend him unequivocally.”


“The project was brilliantly executed: schematically excellent, intelligently devised, beautifully rendered.”


“SPG’s attention to us and our project was unwavering.”


“…even jaded New York design and trade professionals have repeatedly commented to me that the house is in the very top tier for design and construction quality.”


“SPG balanced my desire for a dramatic modern aesthetic and integrated artistic elements without neglecting any of the mundane practicalities.”


“What can’t be seen in any photographs is the working relationship. SPG was very responsive to my requests and they had an excellent relationship with my general contractor.”


“The bottom line is that I recommend them wholeheartedly.”


“They helped us create a space which is light, beautiful and functional.“


“We are extremely happy that we chose SPG.”


“Coty and the team at SPG exceeded our expectations, providing creative design that met our needs and excellent management of the construction process. We highly recommend them.”

From Architectural Digest, April 2010: “They made the dream real.”


“We want to thank you for all the work you did on our apartment. The result, we think, is really stunning and also very functional. The extraordinary staircase, the gorgeous tiles on the fireplace, so many other great design choices we could have never imagined without you. The have made the place very special. We also want to say you were wonderful to work with. You were attentive at the right moments, assertive at the right moments, and it truly felt like you were a partner in the process. We feel lucky to have worked with you.”


“The best architectural team–they ensured a truly fun and successful experience.”


“The whole crew is professional, smart, fresh, creative, talented, sensible, thoughtful, thorough, honest, and just a group of solid citizens–people we really liked.”


“…Remarkable components [of my new house] are: beautiful proportion of each and every living space; siting of the house to optimize the benefits of the property on which it sits; and maximum use of the newest (but environmentally sound) materials to take advantage of the most recent developments and technology, but where the materials do not ‘own’ the house.”


“Very complete drawings with no surprises. Thus, the contractor stayed on target.”


“They kept us on budget, even when we thought about straying.”


“We’ll never have to search for an architecture team again–they’re keepers.”


“Owner/partner of a mid-sized architectural firm based in New York City, [Coty] has local, national & international experience. SPG Architects provides a comprehensive range of architectural and interior services. Her sense of design is extraordinary! If you appreciate modern architecture, please visit the website!”


“Our house is one of our great joys, I would love to do it again, and I would do it again with SPG, with no hesitation.”


“SPG would always be my architects of choice.”


“I was faced with having to choose among three quite perfect interpretations of our thoughts for a new house.”


“My project was small, but never treated as such…the attention to detail was meticulous.”


“The members of the SPG team are delightful, talented people devoted to the highest standards in their field.”


“This house is everything we wanted it to be…a modern home that is perfectly suited to our lives. We love it.”

SPG Architects deftly integrated a (mid-century) house with a 21st century sustainability. They made the dream real.”


“Even jaded New York design and trade professionals who have seen my project repeatedly comment to me that the work is the very top tier for design and construction quality.”


“My most basic requirements of functionality have been elevated to an architectual statement through their careful siting of my project in the landscape. The final form of the house is both visually striking and respectful of its environment.”


“I am impressed by their ability to combine a strong modernist design sensibility with a keen awareness of pragmatics related to the economics of construction, the seamless integration of functional requirements, and a strong sensitivity to the environment in their projects.”

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